Pause + Pray

Responding with Compassion


From time to time, someone says something that hurts my feelings or elicits feelings of anger. I am tempted to say something to put them in their place. Thenwithout being a doormatI pause and pray, asking whether their words have a ring of truth to them. Even if their words were gratuitous and inaccurate, I can respond in ways that don’t add fuel to the fire and lay the groundwork for a more positive relationship in the future.


God of infinite compassion,
give me an understanding heart.
Help me be strong enough to forgive
and caring enough to speak the truth with love.


When you feel attacked, before responding breathe deeply and center yourself. Discern what’s going on, and act and speak in ways that bring healing to the situation.

Walking with Francis of Assisi by Bruce Epperly


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