May 16, 2022

Painting of Saint Margaret of Cortona

Saint Margaret of Cortona

Saint Margaret of Cortona’s life story certainly had its ups and downs. Having run away from her stepmother after her mother’s death, she lived with a man and bore him a son.
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Saints’ lives prove God’s love for all, pope says at canonization Mass

The lives of the saints prove that holiness is not an unreachable goal accomplished by a select few but comes from acknowledging and sharing God's love, Pope Francis said.
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Responding with Compassion

When you feel attacked, before responding breathe deeply and center yourself. Discern what’s going on, and act and speak in ways that bring healing to the situation.
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The Franciscan Saints: Margaret of Cortona

Friars of the 13th century urged this holy woman to embark on a public crusade to call sinners to conversion.
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