Pause + Pray

Our Weary Healthcare Workers


As we find ourselves in the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, let us forget neither the sacrifice nor the trauma endured by healthcare workers around the world.


Oh Great Physician, you know the weariness of healthcare workers right now.
Our doctors, nurses, clinic and hospital staff
feel as though 
they are fraying at the seams with nothing left to give.
You have grieved with them, consoled them, and held them
through the endless months of this pandemic.
Continue to let your presence be with them.
You have brought them to our minds, prompted us to pray for them,
reminded us to speak blessing over them.
Continue to press them on our hearts.
And may we as their loved ones, make choices that will protect them
mind, body, and soul.


Write a thank you card to at least one healthcare worker that you know for the way they have served their communities during this pandemic. Consider including a small gift card with the note as a gesture of your appreciation.

Luminous by Shannon K. Evans


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