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Open Our Hands


Detachment is perhaps one of the most looming of the spiritual goals of this earthly life. We cling to our spouse, children, parents, friends, money, possessions, political ideologies, plans, and dreams. Without the assistance of grace, there is not much over which we willingly surrender control. Yet, a gentle Jesus calls us on, directing our attention to the birds, the flowers, the glory of nature.


Lord, open our fists!
Help us to trust you today
with every area of our lives we attempt to control.

Lead us to a greater awareness of all the ways you care for your creation,
especially us, made in your image.

The earth cries out for us to be better stewards,
to tend to the garden of creation with a renewed passion and ability.

Let us listen to those who study the earth—from marine biologists
in the deep blue sea to environmental scientists who look for ways
to repair damage done to nature.

May we trust that the light of reason and knowledge with which you imbued us
shines the way forward.



Take a walk in nature today and observe all the plants and animals that move about, held in existence by a good, nurturing God.

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