Pause + Pray

With a Prodigal Heart


Over the years author Henri Nouwen spent much time in contemplation before Rembrandt’s painting of the Prodigal Son, as he was led “home” to his “vocation.” Religious art can awaken our senses, stir our imaginations, and help us offer to God our journeys as a prayer.


I have no words to describe where I have been, my God,
but I choose to come home to you.
As I humbly kneel before you with calloused feet and filthy rags,
can I feel your arms around me?
Can I hear your steady heartbeat as I rest my head on your chest?
Can I sense your gentle touch as I bring to you my journey?
I pray your vision of who I am permeates my whole being.


Place an example of religious art on your desk or make it the background on your phone or computer. Return to the artwork throughout your day, noticing something new or reconnecting with an aspect you noticed earlier.



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