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On Traveling Lightly

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In his poem “Traveling Light,” Pádraig Ó Tuama speaks of how the experiences of life can weigh us down. But when we are carrying less in our hearts and minds, we can find and experience small moments of light, grace, and beauty.


God of the journey,
Sometimes life feels easy and full of joy—
while other times it feels heavy and dark.
Teach me how to let go of burdens that are not mine to carry.
Show me what I need to let go of,
and then guide me toward what I need to replace it with.


What is currently weighing you down in your life? If you let that go, what could you replace it with?

Patricia Breen

1 thought on “On Traveling Lightly”

  1. The burdens of the heart are the heaviest to carry and letting go of them a very hard thing to do. But I have a Friend who walks with me and offers to carry my load if only I would trust Him to do so…walk lightly, Pilgrim. Buen Camino.

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