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Noticing Nature

hand feeding a bird


As soon as my sister downloaded a birdsong app to my phone, I was hooked on learning which birds were in the trees near my home: northern cardinals, goldfinches, mourning doves, and song sparrows. Now, as I walk around my neighborhood, I occasionally pause the podcast I’m listening to, remove my earbuds, and stand under the shade of a tree to connect with “my birds” as they serenade me.


I praise you and glorify you, Creator God,
for the majesty of the natural world:
for songbirds in trees and bushes,
for hummingbirds sipping nectar from trumpet flowers in my garden,
for majestic hawks circling the skies in search of food.


As you leave your office, make your way toward a train, or buckle children into car seats, take a moment to pause and notice natural wonders around you—in hanging baskets of flowers outside the grocery store, in the branches of trees, in blossoming bushes outside the post office.

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