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Let Interruptions Call You to Prayer

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Interruptions can be annoying. They can cause you to lose your focus or delay the completion of a task. Interruptions can also be messages and messengers from God. When you are interrupted, pause a moment to pray. Pause and pay attention to the persons whose presence appears to be an interruption. You may learn something important when you open to God’s voice in interruptions and inconveniences.


Wake me, O Divine Wisdom,
To the wonder of each moment.
Keep me amazed at simple things.
Keep me open to unexpected encounters.
Let me see you in life’s interruptions 
And bless those who interrupt me.
Then guide me to return at the right time
To the task at hand.


Be mindful of the people around you, most especially children. Listen to the voices of children and those you often overlook. Pay attention to people who appear to interrupt you. Remember you can bless every situation, even inconvenient ones.

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2 thoughts on “Let Interruptions Call You to Prayer”

  1. As a “scheduled” person, I really needed this reminder today that interruptions in the normal routine can be blessings. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Our parish pastor does not use a telephone answering machine at the rectory when he is there; he told us that he looks at every call as someone who “is looking for God in some way” and doesn’t want them to go unanswered.
    Thank you, Bruce, for reminding us that interruptions can be a path to holiness.

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