Pause + Pray

Leading with Humility

team having a team huddle with hands on top of each other.


The values of humility, compassion, and service have guided Franciscan spirituality for centuries. If you are in a leadership position (in your job, family, parish, or community) embracing Franciscan values as leaders means living out these principles in our daily lives, inspiring others through our example and fostering a culture of love, unity, and peace in our communities and workplaces.


Loving God,
Help us to embrace the timeless values of humility, compassion, and service,
striving to live out these principles in our daily lives and leadership practices.
Guide us so we not only honor the legacy of St. Francis 
but also bear witness to the transformative power of your love and grace
in our lives and in the world.


Offer a prayer for guidance and strength, asking God to help you lead with humility, compassion, and service in all that you do.

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