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Infinite Possibilities

shoes surrounded by drawn arrows in different directions.


“Nothing will be impossible for God,” the angel Gabriel said to Mary, as accounted in the Gospel of Luke (1:37). We understand that there are infinite possibilities of how things could go, of what might happen each day. And this reality may result in a feeling of powerlessness in us, for we would rather know what will happen and have full control.


Dear God,
When I talk to you
about my concerns,
you hear me.
When I ask you questions,
you respond.
When I wonder
what will happen,
you answer, “Possibly.”
You invite me to wait and see.
You compel me to trust and allow.
For you are in charge
of what’s possible,
and I am at your service.


Just as there are many possibilities for challenges to come up today, there are also many opportunities for goodness and beauty. How can you partner with God to invite positive possibilities?

Julia Walsh, FSPA

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