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If Only There Were 30 Hours in a Day


It seems that our days are getting busier and busier, with to-do lists that are longer and longer. I never finish today’s list before it’s time to move on to tomorrow’s, and all those unfinished tasks pile on to the next day. Even my prayers don’t always get done by the time I fall into bed each night.


Dear God, there are only 24 hours in each day,
but it feels like I need at least 30 to fulfill all my responsibilities.
Sometimes I confuse what’s important with what’s trivial.
Help me weed through my daily tasks
and give me the energy to do those that matter to you.
Help me get over the silly pride that makes me want to “do everything.”



Sit down at the start of your day and review your to-do list. Pick out three things that matter most to God and be sure they get done. Cut yourself some slack on the rest.

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