Pause + Pray

I Choose You


Those beautiful words“I choose you”can instantly make the soul feel like it has a home. Jesus meant “I choose you” so much so that he gave his life for us. Now God looks to you—“I choose you.” How are you responding with your life?


Lord God, you created all things to be good and right.
All things are beauty and truth in your name.
Our Great Creator, you made me in your image.
You chose me for this journey to carry on your mission.
You chose me to be your light in the world,
to splash your colors in the ordinary,
to be present to the lowly and marginalized.
Thank you, Lord, for these opportunities.
Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be called “chosen.”



Write a small noteof thanks, of encouragement, of love—and give it to a friend, family member, or coworker today. Be a light, a splash of color, a positive presence in someone’s day.

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