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Empty Arguments That Deceive

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“Let no one deceive you with empty arguments” (Ephesians 5:6a). Who hasn’t had one of those experiences? A difference of opinion somehow mushrooming into an angry argument—so frustrating. St. Paul encouraged the Ephesians to avoid these situations, and instead look for and live in the light of the Lord. Sometimes we’re drawn into argumentative scenarios before we even realize it. It takes steady attention to notice shifting attitudes. It often requires prayerful deep breaths to change gears and move toward the light of the Lord.


Oh Lord, help me to stop when communication shifts into dark places.
Help me to pause and focus on you.
Help me to avoid that empty, hurtful anger.
Help me to step into your light instead.


When you feel a discussion going in a dark direction, stop. Ask the Lord for help. Leave the room if you must. If it feels safe return to the person, if not shake the dust from your feet—perhaps not forever, but at least until you are basking in the light of the Lord.

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