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Created Space

Man standing on canyon rock


Wide-open spaces have captured the minds of humans for millenia—the Grand Canyon, the Sahara Desert, the Great Plains, the shores of a beach. Wide-open spaces inspire, provoke, and calm. Human creations can have the same effect on space: music, visual, and culinary arts. These spaces provide a feast for the eyes, a puzzle for the mind, and a place of rest for the heart.


Great Creator, you fashioned these spaces for our surprise,
for the process of thought, for us to rest.
You created these spaces for us to admire in awe and to participate in.
You have created this space for me.
Am I creating space for you to do the same in me?


Clear some distractions today so that you can create space in yourself for God to reside. What would you like to accomplish in that space once you’ve established it?

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