Pause + Pray

Caring for the Children

Girl holding her younger brother.


Jesus placed the children on his lap and blessed them, giving us the mandate to bless the children of the world, not only our kin but every child. Let us pray for children in war-torn lands. Every child is beloved by God, created in God’s image, and deserving of abundant life. Our vocation is to care for children far and near so that they may grow into God’s vision for their lives.


Loving Jesus, let me love your children.
Let me take them into my heart and bless them.
Let the child in me come forth, playing and dancing,
Delighting in the wonders of life.
Let me care for the children of my family and neighborhood
And work diligently to care for children everywhere.


Today, reflect on how you can bless the lives of children. Every child is God’s beloved child. You can enrich children’s lives by volunteering at a local school or a children’s faith formation program at your church. You can call your representatives in local, state, and national government to encourage them to support programs that nurture children. You can make a donation to a program that benefits children in your community or overseas.

Bruce Epperly

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