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Pause and Pray

Calm in a Chaotic World

Dec 7, 2020
Calm in a Chaotic World


It’s probably fair to say that there isn’t nearly enough peace in our world or in our hearts. Violence and hatred run rampant outside while despair and anger cloud our interior lives. Building peace is the only answer, and our faith in God gives us the fuel to keep trying.


there is so much chaos
in our world today,
so much strife.

I offer this prayer up to you
to help me find ways
to repair what’s broken—
within myself
and in the world around me.

Grant me the resilience
to build peace whenever
and wherever I can.


Try a twofold approach to peace-building: Take a few minutes every day to quiet your mind and nurture inner calm. Afterward, think about how to reflect that peace in the world around you.

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