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Being Truly Thankful

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Today, many people will gather together to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a time for us to remember all of our blessings and be grateful for them. But has “thanks” become just another word that we say over and over without really putting into any thought into it? We often thank someone who does something like holding the door for us or letting us over in traffic. Is there truly meaning behind the word, or is it something we have just become programmed to say?


As we gather together today
with friends and family,
may we remember what it means
to be truly thankful.
Let us take a few moments of silence
and remember that thanks is so much more
than just a word.
Help us to remember that
and embrace its true meaning
in our hearts and daily lives.


Whenever you say thanks today, take a moment to really think about what you’re giving thanks for. Make sure when you say it, it’s with intention.

Susan Hines-Brigger

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