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Pause and Pray

Be Patient, Be Prayerful

Apr 14, 2021
Be patient, be prayerful


Even while the world is at a standstill, our minds can race. But it’s in the quieter moments where we find the space to breathe—and pray.


Dear God,
I want my life to return
to some kind of normalcy,
but I know that you
the true timekeeper.
I ask for patience
as we wait this out,
and for the presence of mind
to be hopeful.
Grace me with a single moment
of calm this day
to center myself
and listen
for your voice.
Guide me to a place
where I may not strain
to hear it.


For a few moments today quiet your phone, put away your laptop, and turn off your television. Close your eyes and offer this prayer of thanks to a patient God.

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Submitted by Janie (not verified) on Sun, 04/18/2021 - 06:43 PM


This prayer is exactly what I needed today. I do struggle with impatience. This reminds me to calm myself.

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