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Alternate Energies

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If we could use almost-free, renewable, natural power sources like solar, geothermal or hydro-electric, why would we choose toxic, diminishing fossil fuels instead? As Pope Francis said in Laudato Si: “We know that technology based on the use of highly polluting fossil fuels–especially coal, but also oil and, to a lesser degree, gas–needs to be progressively replaced without delay.”


“The cry of the earth and… the poor cannot continue,” wrote Pope Francis.
Help me attend to those cries and act to heal them.


Check out the Global Catholic Climate Movement that was founded in 2015 to support Laudato Si and turn it into action. This coalition of over 900 Catholic organizations around the world offers resources, prayer services and activities at their website.

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5 thoughts on “Alternate Energies”

  1. I like geothermal and hydroelectric energy, but let’s not forget nuclear energy too. As far as solar energy, well, what are you going to do when those very same solar panels no longer function? Are you planning on recycling them? You’re going to have one hell of a problem on your hands. Solar panels in the wrong place can interfere with nature the same way that windmills do. What are you going to do with those windmills that break down? Are you going to recycle them too?

    And as far as batteries are concerned, are you familiar with the intensive mining that is needed to acquire the necessary components to make the batteries? Do you know how destructive mining can be to the environment?

    Fossil fuels have their place, but that doesn’t mean we can expend their use frivolously. Just look at those hypocrites who are harping about the environment and then subsequently fly around the world in their private jets because they think they are too good to fly with the public or feel it is too inconvenient. I don’t begrudge rich people flying around in their private jets as long as they don’t preach to the rest of us about conservation, because that is what we find galling.

    1. Thank you Mike, we were recycling in the 50’s and 60’s as well. We have always taken care of planet earth. We are now going to extremes. California in the summer said don’t charge your cars We have a shortage of energy. I know we don’t have much,but, let’s us what little common sense we have.

    2. In a better world, humans could take a gradual approach to the grave problem of climate disruption. Two hundred years after the worldwide combustion of fossil fuels began at massive scales, it is too late to temporize. Action that some would call drastic is needed. True, most reasonable folks would shun industrial wind turbines close to concentrations of people, but safe distances have been calculated. Solar panels need not destroy farmland, but they can reduce burning fossil fuels and the pollution they cause, especially among those living in “Cancer Alley” in the U.S. Not only the rich should be called to task for jet and other flights. A certain modesty and humility ought to be practiced and taught as never before. Public transport makes eminent sense. America should foster it. In a free society, the consent of the governed through their representatives must stand against arbitrary domination by a few. And the few I know about are more often plutocrats who deny the gravity of the causes of pollution.

  2. I encourage all to read Bjorn Lomborg’s book “False Alarm”. Bjorn is a world famous Environmentalist. Bjorn’s book and lectures highlight intellectually honest environmental discussions and resulting policy. Hysterical arguments are not productive in responsibly utilizing the many natural resources God have given us.

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