Pause + Pray

Alone or All Alone


Jesus was alone in the desert for 40 days. Unless I am aware of the world through media or the nearby presence of another, being alone can be too difficult, even impossible to sustain.


I believe that I am in the presence of the Divine.
I am not alone.

In times of isolation or illness,
this can be hard to remember.

Longing for a comforting glance
or a word of recognition is natural,

even for those who embrace solitude.
Such comfort is not always close at hand.
Accept my pain, my panic, my desire to reach out,
O Lover of my soul.

Help me to rest in your invisible embrace.


Today, I will choose–not just accept–a few moments of alone time. I will acknowledge that God is within and without. I will strengthen my ability to embrace the loneliness I do not choose.

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