Pause + Pray

Past Hurts, Future Hopes


In letting go of the past through prayer, meditation, spiritual direction, or counseling, you can begin anew. You can be reconciled in spirit, even if you are unable to forgive in person. You can experience a lightness of being that opens you to God’s vision of the future.


God of every tomorrow,
ill me with your love.
Open me to new life.
Help me to let go of the past
and open to the future you plan for me.
Touch me with the gift of healing
as I place my grievances in your hand.
Heal my heart
and fill me with your love.
Be with me as I begin again
so that my life will be a blessing to others.


Forgiveness is an inner journey before it becomes an external action. If you cannot yet forgive another person, seek the help of a trained pastor, counselor, or spiritual director. Place persons you cannot forgive in God’s care, knowing that God loves you even if you cannot forgive. Leave the forgiveness to God.

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