Pause + Pray

A Shared Responsibility

Volunteers cleaning a beach.


The shared responsibility of our common home is one that is in dire need of attention. We are seeing the ramifications of pollution, destruction of natural resources, and global warming are doing to the planet. The choices we make have an impact on the planet and affect the poor around the globe. May we take the time to consider both our personal and communal action toward the preservation of the environment.


God of all creation,
Inspire us with wisdom and understanding to help us be better stewards of the planet.
May we never forget that the environment is home to all life
and that it is our collective responsibility to care and sustain it.
Help us to advocate and work for lasting change for the common good of all people.
We ask this in all the holy names of God.


What are some tangible, small steps you can take for your part in the shared responsibility of caring for the environment?

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