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Where Is God?

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If you ever wonder where God is, I have good news for you, he is right where you are. The easiest way not to lose sight of this for me is to begin my day reminding myself of this truth of the faith. I do so by telling Jesus what I expect. At any given moment of my day, I can recount exactly how Jesus has been present to me, punctuating my life with the grace of his presence. In fact, just saying his name brings calmness and clarity to every difficult situation.

—from the book Prayer Everywhere: The Spiritual Life Made Simple
by Fr. Gary Caster

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1 thought on “Where Is God?”

  1. Lord Jesus Christ you came to set us free from the tyranny of sinful pride, fear, and rebellion. Take our hearts captive to your merciful love and truth and set us free to love and serve you always with joy and trust in the power of your saving word. May your love grow in us that we may always seek to love and serve others generously for their sake just as you have generously laid down your life for our sake. Amen.

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