Minute Meditations

Walk without Fear

person walking on a primitive bridge over a rushing river

Fear is crippling. It has prevented me from doing so many things. I once heard a friend adamantly say, “I refuse to walk in fear!” Wow, how I admired that statement! What if I could do that? Not just say it? Walk without fear. I have a sense that Francis learned how to do that, to become that person. It is a grace I have yet to be given—or to receive. I fear at times that

I have populated my world with thinly clothed memories of life. Absent of real people. My saints’ pictures and Sacred Hearts decorate my room. Would that they would spring to life and speak as the San Damiano cross did.

—from the book God’s Love Song: The Vision of Francis and Clare
by Murray Bodo, OFM, and Susan Saint Sing

God's Love Song

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