Minute Meditations

Wait in Silence

man waiting at train station

I have found that if someone is going to work hard at being immersed in God, the effort should not be just in the praying itself but in becoming yourself a place of prayer. This place of prayer, so carefully prepared, sometimes by extensive work, is where we can just be. Be silent. Be alone. Be at peace with our solitude. So, to learn to pray, we, like St. Francis, need to find our own sacred place of solitude and silence. Then, once we’ve come to that oasis, we need only enter and wait in silence.

We often don’t really know what we’re waiting for, but we trust that something will come; and when it does, it will be a surprise, both in when it comes and what it is.

—from the book God’s Love Song: The Vision of Francis and Clare
by Murray Bodo, OFM, and Susan Saint Sing

God's Love Song

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