Minute Meditations

‘God Breaks through to Me’

What happens, or at least what happened to me, is that you realize that you cannot connect to God by sheer force of will or by a multitude of prayers. You have to wait until God connects with you. God hears your mantra of prayer and connects where you thought there was a vacuum. In my own case, I made a conscious decision to do what I thought God created me to do. I found a way to direct that action, and I just kept telling myself: I can’t pray, but I have something to offer, so I am just going to offer myself in giving what expresses my love for God and others. I’ll be here working.

If God wants to contact me, God will. But whether God contacts me or not, I’ll be here doing God’s will and saying prayers and going through the motions of meditation and contemplation until God breaks through to me.

—from the book God’s Love Song: The Vision of Francis and Clare
by Murray Bodo, OFM, and Susan Saint Sing

God's Love Song

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