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Remember to Remember God

multiple doorways

I have tried to learn from St. Francis. In my home, pinned to the curtain of my front door, is a reminder—”Remember to remember God.” In the Hebrew tradition, it is the mezuzah to be touched, to remind one of the sacred words on the scroll. To remind me of the sacred. Such a concept! To use each doorway as a portal. To pass through each doorway and remind oneself to do better, to live life just a little more virtuously—such a concept.

It wasn’t just the San Damiano crucifix for Francis—the cave, the lepers, and the poor began to speak to him of God, until eventually Francis could look at nothing without seeing God.

—from the book God’s Love Song: The Vision of Francis and Clare
by Murray Bodo, OFM, and Susan Saint Sing

God's Love Song

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