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Probe for Inner Wisdom

Man admiring the sunrise | Photo by Warren on Unsplash

We are told that in the beginning there was light. Ever since, all of God’s creation—plants, animals, we humans—are drawn to light. As we emerged from our mothers’ wombs and pushed our way through a dark and confining birth canal, we experienced light for the very first time. We have come to learn how light sustains us and calls us to life. We call Jesus “Light of the World,” and he invites us to be light for one another in ways of loving, caring, and serving. Without this light, ours would be a dark, fearful, oppressive journey.

God of light and love, you draw me near, holding me as a fragile and precious infant. Light my way as I joyfully follow you on the path traveled before me by Sister Clare and Brother Francis. Their modeled lives of faith and fidelity shed light on how and where I take my next step. May I walk boldly, confidently, and reverently as we are stirred to do what is ours to do. Amen. 

Move from contemplation to action and probe for inner wisdom. What kind of light do others see in you? Do you have enough light to see your way? How do you fill the oil in your lamp? Who needs you today to bring a bit of sunshine into their life? As you generously share your light, give thanks and praise in knowing and treasuring all that is gift. 

—from the book  Eucharistic Adoration: Reflections in the Franciscan Tradition 
by Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

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