Minute Meditations

Pastor, Prophet, Martyr

The priest’s task is to bring the people to God, and the prophet’s to bring God to the people. The martyr’s unique role is to display a devotion to God and the Kingdom so boundlessly loving that it reignites in the rest of us a faith that may have grown tepid or even cold. We look to the martyrs to remind us that some things are worth sacrificing our lives for, but that the love which motivates us to make those sacrifices is more powerful than death itself. This is the great truth embodied in the resurrection, and every individual martyrdom, including Romero’s, is a reflection of it. Martyrdom is a victory, not a defeat, a loud proclamation of God’s glory, not a silencing of God’s Word, an affirmation, albeit a bittersweet one, that human wickedness can never win in the end.

— from Saint Oscar Romero: Pastor, Prophet, Martyr

Saint Oscar Romero


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