Minute Meditations

cross with the sun behind it | Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

O Divine Master

To serve the Lord and Divine Master is to recognize the gratuity of grace that is never exhausted and never expires.

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Train Your Soul for Peace

The Peace Prayer of St. Francis captures the essence of soul training.

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God Always Has Time for You

Going away to a quiet place to pray is not about making time for God; it is about being grateful that God always has time for you.

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Pray Always!

Every human activity becomes a means of praising God. As St. Paul encourages us, we can pray without ceasing by the way we live our lives.

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Woman praying the rosary | Photo by Gianna Bonello on Unsplash

Prayer Is Never Really Ours

The Spirit uses the various forms of prayer by which we approach God in order to instruct, strengthen, and nourish us.

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Accept God’s Invitation

The knowledge of who we have become in Christ should infuse the prayer of our hearts, our devotional practices, and our prayers with the Christian community.

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man praying | Photo by Alex Woods on Unsplash

Prayer Is More than Speech

St. Thérèse understood that prayer is a unique kind of activity that expresses the height and depth and breadth of being.

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