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Living the Gospel Life

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The simplest way to describe Franciscan prayer is that it begins and ends with the Incarnation. It begins with encountering the God of overflowing love in the person of Jesus Christ and ends with embodying that love in one’s own life, becoming a new Incarnation. This is what it means to live the gospel life—not simply doing what Jesus did but opening up oneself to God who descends and takes on human flesh anew in the life of the believer. To live the gospel life is to proclaim by one’s life the Good News of God among us and thus to make Jesus Christ live anew. 

—from the book Franciscan Prayer
by Ilia Delio, OSF

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1 thought on “Living the Gospel Life”

  1. Lord Jesus Christ, may the light of your word free our hearts from the deception of sin and consume us with a burning love for your truth and righteousness. Amen.

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