Minute Meditations

Identity, Justice, and Community

We will not appreciate Jesus’ loyalty to the Law and the Prophets if we do not accept his deeper understanding of freedom. I’m afraid that the cry of the French Revolution, “Liberty, equality, and fraternity,” has formed us much more than the Jesus Revolution. His cry might instead be “Identity, justice, and community.” Think about the difference. We also tend to think of freedom as freedom of movement and the liberty to choose between options. This is surely a good and important freedom. There is no indication that the great spiritual teachers, Jesus included, see it as essential, however. They seem to recognize that the world of preferences and possibilities does not of itself lead to wisdom, truth, or even depth of experience. In fact, in the spiritual life, the rule seems to be that less is more. There is almost no correlation between the number of options and the amount of truth or goodness that one attains.

—from the book Jesus’ Alternative Plan: The Sermon on the Mount
by Richard Rohr, OFM

Jesus' Alternative Plan by Richard Rohr


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