Minute Meditations

God Lures Us to Wholeness

humpback whale jumping out of water.

God is present everywhere, luring us toward wholeness. All things are touched by God. God is present in our cells and in our souls. You are the center of God’s love and so is everything else. You are loved by God and so is everyone else. God centers you and God centers all creation. Within each moment of experience, God is moving, inspiring, urging, comforting, challenging, and illuminating. God delights in birds’ songs and inspires their joyous melodies. Divine creativity gives birth to worms and grasshoppers and krill and kangaroos. God rejoices in the songs of humpback whales and the chanting of monks.

—from the book Simplicity, Spirituality, Service:The Timeless Wisdom of Francis, Clare, and Bonaventure
by Bruce G. Epperly

Simplicity, Spirituality, Service Epperly


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