Minute Meditations

Crafting Our Time

There’s a wonderful upside to such disciplined vigilance: the possibility of becoming true craftsmen and craftswomen of the time we’re given. We all know that we only have so much of it. We can’t get it back or create more. We can only make good choices about how we steward it, and the ubiquity of digital media can make that a real challenge. If you’re on the spiritual path of simplicity, however, it’s a worthy challenge, because embedded within it is the chance to make— or to allow God to make—something truly beautiful of your life. Again, on the far side of structure, discipline, and good boundaries lies a spaciousness in which you can experience freedom, truly prayerful presence, self-acceptance, creativity, and meaningful connections—not on Mark Zuckerberg’s terms, but on your own.

— from the book Making Room: Soul-Deep Satisfaction through Simple Living
by Kyle Kramer, page 105

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