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Lent with Padre Pio: Tuesday of Holy Week

“Courage. Suffice it for us to know that Jesus loves us greatly.”
—Letters, Vol. 4, 1005

Padre Pio spoke often of the physical attacks he endured from Satan, many of which left him visibly bruised and beaten. He also expressed great discomfort at bearing the outward signs of the stigmata because of the attention it drew to him. He endured multiple investigations by Church officials and even the Vatican and was subject to constant speculation regarding the authenticity of his stigmata.

While things were not always as he wished, Padre Pio accepted what the Lord had asked of him. What a wonderful example for us of pushing forward and accepting things that make us uncomfortable and are not what we would like them to be.

In Padre Pio’s Own Words

May God’s kingdom come quickly. May our very merciful Father sanctify his church. May he pour out his mercy abundantly on the souls who have not yet come to know him. May Satan’s kingdom be destroyed, and may all his wicked schemes be exposed, to the consternation of that hellish beast. May all the souls enslaved by this sorry so-and-so know what a liar he is. May our most tender Father enlighten the minds of all human beings and touch their hearts, so that the fervent do not grow cold and slacken on their road to salvation, so that the lukewarm become zealous, and so that those who are far off return to him.

May he scatter and confound all the learned of this world so that they do not war against and impede the spread of his kingdom.

Finally, may the thrice-holy Father remove far from his church every existing division and prevent others from arising, so that there will be only one flock and one Shepherd. May the Lord multiply the number of elect souls a hundredfold. May he send forth many holy and learned ministers and sanctify those that have already been sent out. Through them may he restore fervor to all Christian souls.

(To Annita Rodote, March 8, 1915)

lent with saint clare


St. Pio, be with us in situations where we are being challenged.
Help us to summon the courage to do what is being asked of us and to remember
that we are always in Jesus’ loving care.


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