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Lent with Padre Pio: Third Thursday

“If you happen to notice a feeling of impatience arising, immediately have recourse to prayer…. Above all, turn your thoughts to the annihilation that the Son of God suffered for love of us.”
—Letters, Vol. 3, 60

Padre Pio suffered from poor health his entire life, beginning around the age of 9. In his later life, after his ordination to the priesthood, he was separated from his religious community for almost five years because of his health. Although the cause of his prolonged illness remained a mystery to his doctors, Padre Pio did not become discouraged. When impatience arose, he turned to prayer to find peace and meaning in the despair.

Reflect on what the suffering in your life looks like. Rather than becoming impatient, think of how you can turn your weakness into a strength and offer up what God has given you for a greater good.

In Padre Pio’s Own Words

I know only too well that the cross is the pledge of love, the down payment of forgiveness. Love that is not nourished and fed by the cross is not genuine love; it is nothing but a flash in the pan. And so, knowing  this, the false disciple of the Nazarene feels the cross weigh heavily on his heart and—do not be shocked or horrified, my father, at what I am  going to say here—many times that false disciple goes in search of a sympathetic Simon of Cyrene to comfort and console him.

What value could my love have for God? I am quite concerned that my love for God be genuine love.

This is one of the swords, among many, that pierce me at certain times, and I almost feel on the brink of being overwhelmed. Nevertheless, father, I have a very great desire to suffer for love of Jesus. So how is it, then, that when I am tested I seek some kind of comfort against my will?

Write to me when Jesus wants you to, and write as much as you want. I wait for your responses on so many problems, doubts, and difficulties. Your responses are like light from heaven, like refreshing dew to a thirsty plant.

(To Fr. Agostino of San Marco in Lamis, April 21, 1915)

lent with padre pio


St. Pio, let your suffering serve as an example to us that often times in suffering there is a purpose.
Help us in our fasting this Lent—that doing without can help us grow closer to Christ.


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