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A Call for Kindness

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It’s ironic—and pitiful—that the insurrection that befell Washington DC earlier in the month happened on the Feast of the Epiphany, when the three wise men marveled at the birth of Christ. As my colleague, Greg Friedman, OFM, once wrote: “God’s revelation in Jesus speaks to our hearts. Are we listening? Are we open to the Word? Let’s become modern channels of God’s communication to the world in this new year using our gifts—whatever they may be—to pass on the message of the good news, that love is born in our midst.”

May this prayer soothe our hearts and quiet our minds on this day.


The world is divided, and kindness seems in short supply. May this prayer be a reminder that Christ’s message is timeless and crucial—especially today.


Dear God,
your Son taught us
to love our fellow man,
yet too often
we neglect that lesson.
Teach us to choose
love over hatred,
peace over conflict,
and kindness
over aggression.
Remind us
that we are all part
of one body,
one family,
one world.


What can you do to bring kindness and love into the world? Take a moment to reflect on how you engage with others, and relearn the message of Christ.

Pause and Pray

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