January 20, 2021

Sunday Soundbite for January 24, 2021

Scripture scholars see the story of Jonah as a kind of folk tale—short on history but long on spiritual truth: God calls each of us.
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Biden’s inaugural address calls for Americans to work for unity

In his inaugural address Jan. 20, President Joe Biden said he is committed with his "whole soul" to bring this country together.
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At national memorial, Cardinal Gregory prays for all who died of COVID-19

Cardinal Gregory said the gathering was a time to "pray for those who have died and the families and loved ones that they left behind ... not as strangers or disinterested persons, but as fellow citizens who share some limited ...
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Cultivating Kindness

The world is divided, and kindness is in short supply. May this prayer be a reminder that Christ’s message is timeless and crucial—especially today.
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hands clasped in prayer

A Call for Kindness

May this prayer soothe our hearts and quiet our minds on this day.
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