Followers of St. Francis

Michael Blackburn, OFM, stands in front of a mountain

Followers of St. Francis: Michael Blackburn, OFM

Though known for establishing the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola initially found inspiration for conversion in the life of St. Francis of Assisi while recovering from a debilitating leg injury.
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Father Al Hirt, OFM

Followers of St. Francis: Al Hirt, OFM

When Father Al Hirt, OFM, was a child growing up in Batesville, Indiana, the Franciscan friars who ran St. Louis Church seemed omnipresent in the small Midwestern town.
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Image and graphic of Friar Peter Tremblay

Followers of St. Francis: Peter Tremblay, OFM Conv

Friar Peter Tremblay, OFM Conv, knows firsthand how impactful woodworking can be on one’s faith.
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Image of Sister Marie Lucey in a crowd

Followers of St. Francis: Sister Marie Lucey, OSF

After 60 years, Sister Marie is still working hard for justice and peace.
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Image of Sister Meg Earsley and friends

Followers of St. Francis: Sister Meg Earsley

The Overseas Lay Mission program broadened this woman's understanding of Franciscan mission being rooted in a ministry of presence and accompaniment.
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Image of Sister Mary Gemma Haris, TDR

Followers of St. Francis: Sister Mary Gemma Harris, TOR

Sister Mary Gemma found encouragement in St. Francis, whose “radical love for God always inspired me. He set aside so many of the good things of this world in order to love Jesus and follow him more closely.”
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Image and graphic of Sister Sharon Havelak, OSF

Followers of St. Francis: Sister Sharon Havelak, OSF

“St. Francis is such a role model and is so important to our world today. The charisms that his life exemplified (poverty, contemplation, conversion, and minority) speak to me differently as I grow and change.”
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