Followers of St. Francis

Michael Blackburn, OFM, stands in front of a mountain

Followers of St. Francis: Michael Blackburn, OFM

Though known for establishing the Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola initially found inspiration for conversion in the life of St. Francis of Assisi while recovering from a debilitating leg injury.
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Sister Jannette-Pruit quote

Followers of St. Francis: Sister Jannnette Pruitt

“Transition comes to everyone,” Sister Jannette Pruitt, OSF, says “and when it does, I trust in God and try to take life one day at a time.”
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Image of brother Massimo Fusarelli

Followers of St. Francis: Brother Massimo Fusarelli, OFM

In a telegram to Brother Massimo Fusarelli, Pope Francis congratulated the new minister general and wrote, “May the seraphic father, St. Francis, be an encouragement for you in leading your brothers.”
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Image and quote of Mike Lasky, OFM Conv

Followers of St. Francis: Mike Lasky, OFM Conv

For Friar Mike Lasky, OFM Conv, seeking social justice goes beyond platitudes or social media posts. It means getting to work.
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Image and quote from Sister Damien Hinderer, OSF

Followers of St. Francis: Sister Damien Hinderer, OSF

A simple yes to a one-time good deed transformed into a lifelong ministry for Sister Damien Hinderer, OSF.
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Image of Theresa Diersen

Followers of St. Francis: Theresa Diersen

When Theresa Diersen walks into the dining room at St. Francis Seraph Ministries in Cincinnati, Ohio, guests immediately take notice: Faces light up; hugs are in abundance.
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Image and graphic of Marcellino Micallef, OFM

Followers of St. Francis: Marcellino Micallef, OFM

In response to the growing number of refugees, poor, and the homeless, Father Marcellino and the friars decided to transform their historic monastery’s former refectory into a soup kitchen.
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