Faith and Family

Day Three: A Catholic Family Advent


A shoot shall come out from the stock of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots.
—Isaiah 11:1


Every year, my family goes to a local farm to get our Christmas tree. It has been a tradition since I was a child, and it now continues with my own children. I love watching year to year as the trees in the fields grow. We all have roots, just like those trees.  And just like the shoots from the stock of Jesse, we will certainly sprout other branches along the way. It is in this growth that we discover where we are from, who we are, and where we strive to go.

Talk Together

In what ways could your family grow stronger and develop deeper roots in your love for Jesus and others?


Dear Lord, in these days of waiting, help us to remember those from whom we come, who have laid the foundation for each of our stories. Guide us in your path as we continue to grow.


Use this time before Christmas to make a few family ornaments for your tree this year. As you decorate your Christmas tree this year, talk about the significance of the ornaments or decorations you place on the tree. Add to your ornaments by buying a plain ornament and, together as a family, writing a prayer on it.

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