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Lent with the Saints

Lent with the Saints: Mary

“No mother should bear the death of her son.” I heard that sentiment expressed in my family as a teenager, when my favorite uncle died of cancer in his forties.

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Lent with the Saints

Lent with the Saints: The Suffering Servant

Isaiah 50:4–9a; Psalm 69:8–10, 21–22, 31, 33–34; Matthew 26:14–25

Beginning on Palm Sunday, continuing Monday through Wednesday of Holy Week, and ending on Good Friday, the Liturgy of the Word presents to us a series of four special oracles. The poetic utterances by the unknown prophet whose writings are found in the second half of the book of Isaiah are often referred to as the “Songs of the Suffering Servant.”

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Lent with the Saints

Lent with the Saints: Peter

Isaiah 49:1–6; Psalm 71:1–2, 3–4a, 5–6ab, 15, 17; John 13:21–33, 36–38

Peter is a central character in the Passion narratives. On Palm Sunday each year, we hear the story of his denial of Jesus.

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Lent with the Saints

Lent with the Saints: Martha and Mary

Isaiah 42:1–7; Psalm 27:1, 2, 3, 13–14; John 12:1–1

During Holy Week, the liturgy begins telling the story of the passion of Jesus. The four Gospels do not offer consistent versions of Jesus’ passion and death. They know nothing of the style of reporting found in the twenty-four–hour news cycle of today! Instead, the Gospels offer theological reflection, taking common details from the tradition and shaping them to each story’s purpose.

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