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Disposing of Religious Articles

Q: After my sister died last year, my niece cleaned up the apartment and gave me several religious statues and pictures. Is it a sin if I donate these things to someone else? Although I already have enough religious articles, I feel guilty about giving these away.

A: I am sorry for your loss and your worries about these religious articles. It would be no sin to give them away or to have someone bury them for you. Is your regret connected to the fact that these things belonged to your sister? I feel pretty certain that your sister would not want you to feel guilty about disposing of these articles reverently.

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  1. My daughter gave me a small bell from her deceased father-in-law. It is about 3” tall overall with a very small “statue” of Mary as the handle. It shined up nicely with brass polish. I suspect it might be a bell used to ring during Mass and that it has been blessed. However, the ringer is broken off. Do you know any order that would take it and weld/repair it?

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