February 12, 2024

person reflecting

God Is in Control

To accept some degree of meaninglessness is our final and full act of faith that God is still good and still in control.
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woman handing food to another woman

To See and to Soothe

When you think of the poor, is it someone unknown to you in a faraway land? That may be true, but that kind of thinking also puts a buffer between ourselves and those in need.
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A depiction of humanity caught within the cogs and gears or technology. (OSV News photo/Reimund Bertrams, Pixabay)

Catholic Social Teaching Has a Lot to Say About AI, Experts Say

The viral internet commercial sounded real: the voice of Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes, archbishop of Mexico City, endorsing a miracle drug that had cured him of diabetes. But the commercial — like the cure itself — was fake.
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