October 27, 2023

Picture of Mary and Jesus

Prayer to Mother Mary

When we’re sad or lonely, who better to turn to than our universal mother? Mary can feel the ripples of pain in our hearts and is ready to guide us to her son.
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A climate activist wearing a protective mask protests June 8, 2023, while smoke and haze caused by wildfires in Canada pass through New York City. (OSV News photo/Amr Alfiky, Reuters)

Caritas: Voices from climate change migrants can be ‘blueprint for change’

Too often the voices of people fleeing their homes due to climate change and extreme weather patterns are overshadowed by an abundance of scientific data and statistics, said a Caritas Internationalis official.
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Holy, Wholly Healthy: When Your Suffering Can’t Be Seen

When we do not see someone’s symptoms, we might assume that the person is not suffering.
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