August 31, 2023

Lady hiding her face.

Don’t Let Your Anxieties Choke You

Reflect In Matthew 13:22, we hear Jesus say, “The seed sown among thorns is the one who hears the word, but then worldly anxiety and the lure of riches choke the word, and it bears no fruit.” Do I let ...
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writing in a journal | Photo by Noémi Macavei-Katócz on Unsplash

Work with God

Do your best peacefully and well, trusting in God’s providence. It is going to work out better than you think!
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An aerial view shows trees as the sun rises at the Amazon rainforest in Manaus in Brazil's Amazonas state Oct. 26, 2022. (OSV News photo/Bruno Kelly, Reuters)

Church environmentalists worried about oil drilling at mouth of Amazon River

Church activists in the Amazon are worried about the Brazilian government's plan to exploit oil in a marine area close to the mouth of the Amazon River.
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Man looking sad

Psalm 36: Sin Speaks to the Sinner

"Sin directs the heart of the wicked man; his eyes are closed to the fear of God." (Psalm 36:2)
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