May 3, 2023

Kremlin denies working with Vatican on peace talks

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Moscow is not working with the Vatican to end the war in Ukraine, said a Kremlin spokesperson. Asked by reporters May 2 if the Russian government was aware of a Vatican-led plan referenced by Pope Francis …

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man staring off into the sky

The Light of Curiosity

Reflect Today’s moral dualism and tribalism fuels media traffic, political campaigns, and ultimately leads to caricaturing, labeling, and overgeneralizing people who are different from ourselves. St. Francis also navigated a divided age yet was stirred to embrace the “other,” for …

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Living a Story

We experience our lives through all of our senses, and all of that experience is conveyed in story, which is more than ideas and beliefs.

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Saying ‘Yes’ to God

God speaks through all creation. Our challenge is to learn how to listen—and to respond with a resounding “Yes.”

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