February 12, 2023

Young man looking out window

Forgiveness 101

Reflect Forgiveness is one of the most foundational teachings of Christian theology. However, it is one of the most difficult to live out and practice in our daily lives. Two ways to grow in the way of forgiveness are grace …

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Holding an apple | Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

What We Learn from Falling

The Fall is not simply something that happened to Adam and Eve in one historical moment. It’s something that happens in all moments and all lives. It must happen and will happen to all of us. In fact, as the …

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Sunday Soundbite for February 12, 2023

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle AFebruary 12, 2023 If I ask what comes to mind when I say “Moses and movies,” I’ll bet most older listeners would say “Charlton Heston.” He created a memorable portrait of Moses in Cecil …

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