November 16, 2022

hands in prayer

Editorial: Prayer Tips from the Saints

For decades, the saints have been my mentors in prayer, faith companions whom the centuries cannot separate.
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Indiana twins share many things, including vocation to priesthood

It's not unusual for twins to share just about everything, but in the Hickeys' case there is something else: The brothers share a calling to the priesthood.
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Pope Francis kissing a statue

Francis of Assisi, Francis of Rome

St. Francis looked around at the church and he began to repair the building, stone by stone. Pope Francis understands this metaphor.
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Master of the Garden

Sometimes we overcomplicate things and slip out of an awareness of our inherent union with God and abiding in the Trinity. Maybe the tension is where the wheat in your life is growing among the weeds.
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Hold a Space in Your Heart for the World

Hold a space in your heart for the world. We’re all ancestors of future generations who hope we’ll build the fire that can be seen in the distance.
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