April 27, 2022

Sunday Soundbite for May 1, 2022

Christians down through the ages have come to recognize the risen Christ in their midst as the Scriptures are proclaimed and the Eucharistic meal is shared. What we are celebrating in this Easter Season–the Paschal sacrifice of Christ, his dying and rising—is present to us in each Mass.

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Supreme Court examines ‘Remain in Mexico’ asylum rule

After nearly two hours of oral arguments April 26, the Supreme Court justices had mixed views on the Biden administration ending a Trump-era immigration policy called “Remain in Mexico.”

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Faith and Family for May 1: Third Sunday of Easter

In this week’s Gospel, Jesus appears to the disciples for the third time since his Resurrection. He shares a meal with them when they are suddenly blessed with an abundance of fish after having previously caught none.

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The Smallest Details

The saying goes “the devil is in the details,” but I think rather God is in the details. His beauty is all around us if we choose to participate in his game of hide-and-seek. Go outside: watch, listen. Where do you see and hear God?

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Love, Poverty, and Perfect Joy

When we learn to love something, we grow into our Godlikeness. ​​​​​​​We live fully, richly, joyfully.

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